What’s an Auto Scaling Group?

  • In real-life, the load on your websites and application can change
  • In the cloud, you can create and get number of server very quickly
  • The goal of an Auto Scaling Group (ASG) is to:
    • Scale out (add EC2 instances) to match an increased load
    • Scale in (remove EC2 instances) to match a decreased load
    • Ensure we have a minimum and a maximum number of machines running
    • Automatically register new instances to load balancer
    • Replace unhealthy instances
  • Cost Saving: Only run at an optimal capacity (principle of the cloud)
  • Implement Elasticity for your application, across multiple AZ
  • Scale EC2 instances based on the demand on your system, replace unhealthy
  • Integrated with the ELB

Auto Scaling Group in AWS

Auto Scaling Group

Auto scaling Group is integrate with the load balancer for balancing the load across various EC2 instances.